Astra Lost in Space Episode #03 Review

Synopsis: On a trip to another planet for a school sanctioned camp experience, a group of nine kids suddenly finds themselves transported 5,000 light years away with little hope of survival. Their only chance of making it back home lies in an abandoned ship known as the Astra, which was found floating near where they warped. Now this group of strangers will have to come together, and make a journey across several planets in order to safely make it back home.

The Review

After two jam packed episodes in a row, Astra takes a bit of a breather this week in order to put the spotlight on last week’s big reveal. With the threat of a potential traitor among the group, it’s hard to tell who exactly can be trusted, and the show is already making some strides to point us at a prime suspect. It goes without saying that this all makes for some of the most exciting stakes the series has had to offer thus far, and while the episode is a little light on character development compared to the first two, there’s still plenty going on here to keep things entertaining.

With the knowledge that the gang has a traitor in their midst, Kanata begins observing everyone in order to come up with some potential suspects. Unfortunately everyone seems suspicious in one way or another, and things only get made worse when Funi throws another wrench into the mystery: Right before she was brought adopted into Quitterie’s family, she overheard a conversation suggesting that everyone being together on this ship was no mere coincidence and that they were all supposed to be eliminated. This also means that since the traitor’s survival was never guaranteed, they might have been prepared to die with the others from the very beginning, and may not hesitate to try killing everyone again.

With such a big bombshell dropped on the crew, Kanata is left with no choice but to tell the rest of the group about the possibility of a traitor existing, and it comes as no surprise that everyone is quick to freak out and start throwing out accusations. While Aries manages manages to break some of the tension between the group for the time being, they quickly find themselves in a new crisis when the ship’s power gets disrupted and they end up in danger of crashing into a nearby planet. With some quick thinking, the kids manage to come together to restore the power, but while they’ve avoided any immediate danger for the moment, it seems like we might have already discovered the traitor’s identity.

As you can probably tell by the heavy recapping here, this episode was mostly just a whole lot of plot, which sadly doesn’t leave me with a whole ton to talk about aside from those details. The twists regarding the group being caught up in some kind of assassination plot, and the traitor also facing the same risks as them are both pretty effective at raising the stakes for the rest of the gang’s journey, but the episode’s a little lacking in any kind of immediate payoff on that end, so it seems like we’ll be waiting a good while to get those mysteries solved. In the meantime, while this episode is light on character drama compared to what the first two episodes offered, there’s still some pretty interesting stuff here concerning our two outcasts of the group, Yunhua and Ulgar.

While Yunhua hasn’t really ventured too far out her “shy clumsy girl” archetype, said clumsiness ends up putting her in the most amount of danger during the crew’s scramble to avoid crashing the ship, and the brief flashback we get of an adult figure in her life mentioning how useless she is suggests there might be a story behind her reserved behavior. Of course the bigger standout here is probably our resident emo-boy Ulgar, who has so far spent the entire trip being as callous to everyone as possible, but reveals a couple of “interesting” things about himself in this episode. Firstly we learn that his father is the vice-principal of the school everyone attends, and that the two of them don’t have the best relationship, making his surprise at the thought of getting assassinated a little muted compared to everyone else’s. Secondly we learn that he’s pretty handy with a gun, and while guns seem to have been outlawed in this show’s not-so-distant future, he’s been secretly carrying one with him this whole time. Combine those facts together, and it shoots him right up to the top of the list in the “spot the traitor” game. Of course since I’ve read the manga I already know exactly who said traitor is, but in the meantime I’ll leave it to your imaginations as to whether or not he’s the one.

Overall, I’d say Astra’s third episode was another solid one for the show. While there’s still plenty of mysteries left to be solved here, everything here still moves quickly enough to keep the episode fun in spite of not getting any immediate answers. Knowing most of the big twists here already made this episode a little weaker for me compared to the first two by default, but on the bright side, there were a few bits of foreshadowing here that stood out to me, and knowing what lies ahead for this series, there should be some pretty solid payoff when the answers finally start coming. For now though, I’m glad this show is still going pretty strong, and even with this episode’s bigger focus on mystery over drama, it’s still holding up as one of the summer season’s biggest standouts.

Rating: 8.2/10

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